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A Fast Curing Tough Wearing Waterproofing Membrane

A Superior Waterproofing Application

  • Excellent Adhesion to Most Substrates
  • Flexible and Resists cracking
  • UV Protection
  • Chemical Resistant
  • VOC Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Solvent Free
  • Waterbased
  • Water Potable
  • Available in most Colours
  • Trafficable/Grit can be added to make a non-slip surface
  • Seamless Application

Case Study

The existing Torch-On roof was over 20yrs old, it had a minor leaks that were getting through to the living space below, and was beginning to perish in places. The old Torch-On roof had served its minimum 15yr durability requirement.

It had ballasted stone for UV protection. This was covered with debris from the surrounding pine trees and looked unsightly and they quite often would get blocked drains.

The owners were looking for a solution that could waterproof over the existing membrane without having to remove the existing Torch-On, it had to be aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain.

SOLUTION: The stones were removed, areas of concern were identified and repaired, the roof was cleaned thoroughly, and overlaid with the Quick 2 Seal 2-layer System.

RESULT: Using the Quick 2 Seal system allowed the client to save money on not having to remove the membrane, cut out and reinstate the cladding, or replacing 12 deck drains. They ended up with an aesthetically pleasing membrane system that is easily maintained, its durability is non corrosive in a coastal environment, a quick turnaround time with minimal disturbance, and is backed with a 20yr product warranty.

Licensed Building Practitioner

Quick 2 Seal Over Decks and Roofs

Aged Butynol Issues

Existing Butynol roofs and decks, can lose their colour whether grey or black.

They start oxidizing causing the colour to leach out of the material which causes staining on cladding and roofing if walked over. This can also be the case on decks and will stick to your shoes or feet and can be trampled inside on to flooring or carpet.

Butynol also tends to crack at the folds or along plywood joins, sometimes this is not visible to the naked eye. This could determine a full replacement or an overlay system like Quick 2 Seal.

Prepared properly Butynol roofs and decks can be salvaged and overlaid saving the need for removal of cladding and doors.
Using the Quick 2 Prime in conjunction with Quick 2 Seal a trafficable, low maintenance application, will ensure good adhesion to the existing membrane or substrate. Creating an aesthetically pleasing finish in any colour that will withstand pooling water, including UV protection, backed with a 20yr product warranty.

Keep your deck, roof or gutter water tight with Quick 2 Seal – explore your options.

Client had and exiting Butynol roof that had been repaired over the years and coated over with aluminum paint, and it was starting to leak in multiple areas.

Superior Waterproofing cut open or cut out any areas that were damaged, glued down loose butynol areas, cleand up the butynol, primed and overlaid two coats of Quick 2 Seal to achieve a seamless application that is waterproof and warrantable for 20yrs.

25yr old existing Butynol roof (previously coated with aluminium paint)
Two coats of Quick 2 Seal 20yr product warranty, 5yr workmanship warranty.

Existing liquid membrane roof

Client was putting the house on the market and wanted to recoat the existing liquid membrane with a uv coating. There were areas that had cracked on the ply joins that also needed attention.

We offered the Quick 2 Seal system informing them it would be a warrantable process also. He was happy that he could sell the house with a rejuvenated roof and a full warranty.

Existing metal tray roof

The owner did not want to have to pull up the existing metal roof or remove the existing cladding. We offered him a process to clean, rust repair and flash over the worst corroding bits that looked a little fragile, then overlay with Quick 2 Prime and two coats of Quick 2 Seal. The result a solid metal roof again that is trafficable and ready for the builder to reinstate his floating deck which will sit on little rubber chairs over the roof once more.

Planter box

Traditionally you would need to completely remove the coating and membrane from this area before applying a new application. The planter box was cleaned and any areas that required repair ie some of the ply was rotten in small areas. The ply was replaced, and the existing membrane was repaired where needed. The Quick 2 Seal etch primer was applied which when used in conjunction with Quick 2 Seal allows excellent adhesion to the existing substrate ensuring it will stay in place and not peel or lift. This is where most liquid membranes fail under pooling water that doesn’t emulsify and without the need for a re-coat means longer lasting security. The preparation time was halved allowing us to get the job done quicker. Backed with a 20yr product warranty.

Joint sealing

It was leaking through this front area landing at School into the hallway, carpark and plant rooms below. The existing silcone joint sealing had deteriorated and they initially thought they were going to need to remove the slab to waterproof underneath, this was a last resort after sealing all of the existing junctions and into and over the gutter as well as the parapets as it seemed to be leaking mainly around the edges. We were able to stop any water ingress using Quick 2 Seal.

Internal gutter at the bottom of a carpark ramp

The grate that could not be removed was lined with Butynol originally and water had seeped through under the butynol and through the concrete. We were able to clean up the gutter and lay with Quick 2 Seal. We laid theQuick 2 Seal at 8pm, and it was dry enough to drive over at midnight. It had to attach to mastic asphalt on one side and concrete on the road side. Even with all the traffic driving over it the very next day it had stayed in place and kept the plant room below dry. A good testimonial for the Quick 2 Seal product in probably one of the most harshest environments or circumstances a water proofing product can be tested!

Existing membrane roof

Cleaned up, primer coated, detailing tape over joins. Overlaid with Quick 2 Seal - 1 coat 15yr, 2 coats 20yr product warranty. Seamless application, can withstand pooling water, surface is trafficable.